The 2012 Winners!

The Biology Department would like to extend a special thanks to all of the students who submitted photos and videos!

The judges picked a first and second prize, and chose 2 photos  for third place.

Each winner will receive a cash award from the Robert Savage Endowed fund, and all four winning photos will be artfully displayed in the halls of the Martin Biological Laboratory.

First Place:   Arabidopsis seedling cotyledon
submitted by Erin Kast, Erin Lowe, and Galen Rask

Second Place: globe thistle in Kos, Greece
submitted by Madeleine Booth

Tied for third place:

nub of an Arabidopsis plant
submitted by Elan Silberblatt-Buser

cichlid fish scale

cichlid fish scale
submitted by Eunice Hyunjo Park

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